Pet Dental Care in Brookings, SD

Routine surgeries and pet dental care are two important parts of maintaining your pet’s health. Sutton Veterinary Clinic, PC assists with both at our facilities for pets in Brookings, Arlington, Brookings County, White, and Volga, SD. We’re equipped for minor surgery and our staff has the knowledge required to handle dental procedures with care.

Regardless of the procedure, we strive to provide positive outcomes for your pet and their long-term health and wellness.

Pet Dental Care
  • Feline declawing:

    If you have an aggressive, formerly feral or overly anxious cat that likes to claw your furniture or attack other pets, declawing may be necessary. We don’t advocate declawing, but understand the demand in some situations. We can properly and safely declaw your cat if necessary.

  • General surgery:

    Several situations can require general surgery. We’re equipped for most routine procedures, including intestinal surgery, lacerative repairs and other surgeries, including enucleations and preventive surgeries.

  • Spay and neuter:

    As soon as they’re old enough, we encourage you to bring your dog or cat in for a spay and neuter in Brookings, SD. We’re equipped for both procedures and will ensure your pet comes through with flying colors. We’ll get them back to you ready to recuperate fully, with medications, instructions and, of course, the cone!

  • Pet dental care:

    Canine and feline oral health is important. From routine cleanings, to decayed tooth extractions and more, we’ll keep your pet up-to-date on its dental health. We can also recommend at-home cleaning options, foods and toys to help improve oral health.

  • Pet chipping:

    What happens if your pet gets out and runs off? We offer pet chipping in Brookings, SD for this specific situation. Microchipping is a low-cost, smart way to get your beloved pet back quickly.

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