Veterinary Pharmacy in Brookings, SD

For pets recovering from illness or dealing with long-term chronic conditions, medication makes all the difference. Instead of shopping around online for pet meds, fill your pet’s prescription at our veterinary pharmacy at Sutton Veterinary Clinic, PC in Brookings, SD. We stock the medications they need to be well and can provide information about anything you’re unsure of.

Because we see and care for your pet, we’re able to prescribe the right medication for their condition. Count on us to make sure they’re getting the relief they need with minimal side effects. We can even consult with you on medication regimens for specific conditions and recommend steps for helping your pet cope with an ongoing ailment.

  • Immunizations:

    Pet immunizations in Brookings, SD are a critical part of wellness. Making sure your cat or dog is up to date on their shots is a first priority—even if they’re mostly an indoor animal. Pet immunizations are required for a broad range of things, including grooming, dog parks, kennel services and more.

    • For dogs, DHPP, rabies, canine influenza, bordetella, leptospira and lyme are all essential.
    • For cats, rabies, feline leukemia, panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis and calicivirus are the most pressing vaccinations.
  • Prescription pharmacy:

    If your dog or cat is coping with a wellness condition, we’ll help you get the meds they need. Our pharmacy is stocked with antibiotics, daily prescriptions and medications for lifelong conditions. We’ve got meds on-hand, so your pet doesn’t have to wait to get the relief they need.

  • Prescription foods:

    Whether for special diets or as part of illness recovery, we have prescription foods available to help keep your pet nourished. Come to us for Science Diet and other brands. We’ll make sure your dog or cat gets the nutrition they need.

Make sure your pet is getting the right medications, provided by a knowledgeable vet that has their long-term wellness in mind.

Contact our veterinary pharmacy today at 605-692-7101 for information about pet medications and prescription filling, wellness exams, and pet chipping in Brookings, Arlington, Brookings County, White, or Volga, SD.